Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 97. Geraldton

The Geraldton Farmers Market

Scarlett and I woke to an empty caravan - again! Bec and Wendy are starting to scare me, as they seem to like this exercise thing they are doing every morning now!

I had booked the Pajero in to get a full wheel rotating and balance first thing this morning, so when the girls returned from their walk and informed me that they wanted to get dropped off at the farmers market on my way, it was a mad rush with 3 x girls having breakfast and showers! It was certainly a sight to see.

As it was, I was only 10 minutes late. I dropped off the girls at the markets and went and had my tyres done. When I returned, I discovered that Scarlett had decorated and wrapped a cupcake and a cookie. That's my girl! Bec bought some fresh veg and diced lamb (that turned into dinner tonight on the BBQ), and the kids played in the playground. We finished the morning by letting the kids have a horse carriage ride around the park. They loved it.

We then went to the local shopping centre and caught up with some staples that we needed.

We've been informed that this is the last major town that water is readily available before heading north, so I went and bought another 20 ltr jerry for emergency water. I already have over 200 ltrs available, but I figured another container couldn't hurt. I even went and topped up the Pajero with diesel, including another 2 x 20 ltr jerries for emergencies. As this is the last major town before we head into the more remote area's of Australia, we have double checked and cross checked all our supplies and I now think we are ready to venture into the 'unknown'. Bring it on!

This afternoon, Bec and Wendy looked after Maya, Grace and Jai; and let Jo and Jace escape for a couple of hours R&R. They went and played on the big jumping pillow here at the caravan park, and finished off doing craft - including making mosaic animals that Wendy discovered in a shop earlier in the day.

While the kids were playing in and around the caravans this afternoon, Scarlett came a 'cropper' and grazed both her arms and a foot as she 'tumbled' off a big masonry block.There was some very serious gravel rash issues happening! She screamed the park down, and had everyone running in all directions. Eventually we got her back to our van where Bec used our very large 1st Aid kit to treat her wounds. 15 minutes later, Scarlett started to settle (with the help of Children's Panadol), and we moved her into the van to relax and watch some TV. I'm glad to say that she seems to of made a full recovery - minus the wounds of her misfortune.

We are finishing the night enjoying a few quiet drinks outside the van tonight, as the kids have gone to bed early.

Roll on Mother's day!

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