Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 111. Coral Bay

...down at the beach 'in paradise'

This morning I had to move the van down two spots from where I parked it yesterday. We ended up coming to Coral Bay a day earlier than originally planned, and being peak season meant sites are very limited as everywhere is booked out. At least I didn't have to move far, so it was literally unhook services from one spot, move to new location and then reconnect all services. I guess the worst part was waiting for the people in the new spot to move on before being able to move myself.

Bec and Scarlett 'dashed' down to the beach at 8am to grab one of the few free covered gazebo's available on the beach. They were there early and were able to pick and choose at their leisure. Lucky they did head down early though as the beach filled up quick.

Bec and Scarlett with prime real estate on the beach

By the time I had moved the van and set up camp a second time (including setting up the satellite dish so I could watch the V8 Supercars and F1 racing later in the day/evening), the sun was blazing and I was looking fwd to having a refreshing swim myself. I headed down to the beach and found Bec on her way back to the caravan park. She was coming back to make lunches, so I did a quick U turn and helped her.

Lunch was fresh salad rolls on the beach, and it was a great healthy way to enjoy Coral Bay. It didn't take long and we all started heading into the water to enjoy the underwater scenery. Again we found the fish life amazing, and I still find it hard to believe that you can have coral right up at the edge of the beach here. It beats the Great Barrier Reef hands down.

Wendy hired a floating board with an underwater viewing window for Scarlett and she absolutely loved it. We would take turns snorkeling and towing Scarlett behind us. She certainly had it easy today. However it wasn't all that easy, as we made her come out snorkeling with us for a while to practice and build up her confidence.

Tomorrow we head out to sea in search of Whale Sharks, and as we have paid for Scarlett to join us out in the deep blue sea, I want her to be able to enjoy the experience rather than be terrified of it. Fingers crossed!

Scarlett and her amazing underwater viewing 'float'

Again we ensured we stayed around for the free fish feeding at the beach. Scarlett absolutely loved it and lives for it. We are only too pleased to accommodate her.

Fish feeding at the beach

"watch my toes nana"
It certainly was a long day spent down at the beach today. As previously stated, Bec and Scarlett were down there by 8am, and they didn't return to the van until after 4:30pm. Scarlett was a bit of a handful tonight at bedtime, but that's to be expected after such a big day.

However, Scarlett did go back down to the beach with me this evening to watch the sunset over the water.

It was magic!

"This is the life dad"

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