Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 92. Perth

Gettin' ready to hit the road...

Marty and Robyn's house

One sleep to go! We woke up and started prepping everything ready for our next stage of our trip around Australia. All the washing is done, and then we raced off to the shops to do one last major shop before we head off tomorrow.

On the way to the shopping centre, Bec noticed a 'Fairies' shop and asked Scarlett if she would be interested in checking it out. We didn't have to ask a second time, as she led us all into the shop that has seriously been created from kids dreams. The shop is a franchise based on the kids TV series of the same name - The Fairies. The girl behind the counter asked Scarlett if she would like to join their 3 hour class that had just started - and she jumped at the chance! So we said bye bye; and Bec, Wendy and myself headed off to tackle the crowds in the shopping centre.

3 hours, and over $600 (grocery shopping) out of pocket later, we went back to pick up Scarlett. She told us she had a great time! Apparently she did dancing, singing, craft making, watched movies, and enjoyed a yummy morning tea. Scarlett wanted us to bring her back tomorrow - as this is now her favourite thing ever.

On returning to the house and trying to fit everything in the van and Pajero, Nana decided to take the three kids down to the local park to let them run off some energy. Little did Nana know that the kids would end of running rings around her; and she later informed us that she had never 'ran' so much in her life!

Later that night Bec wanted to introduce Nana to a 'social' Roclette dinner. She prepared and sorted it all out before we all headed outside to enjoy another great dinner. I believe Nanna enjoyed it very much, and later commented that it reminded her of a fondue.

A fitting way to enjoy our last night with Marty and Robyn.

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