Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 117. Exmouth

Bye bye Wendy, we'll miss you...

This morning we woke with heavy hearts. Scarlett was the first up (nothing unusual there) and woke Wendy, followed by Bec and myself. Our routine wasn't the same at all, as Wendy was leaving us today, and everyone knew it.

Bec gave her mum a diary of photo's as a parting gift; so that she could look back on the last 4 weeks travelling with us up the west coast of Australia. We were all surprised by how many photo's and videos were taken over the last month, and Bec was left with a big job trying to condense and save all these photos into a manageable package for Wendy. Somehow she did it, and I think Wendy was very happy with the outcome.

After all Wendy's bags were packed and everything was checked, double checked, and finally triple checked; we packed everything in the back of the pajero, and went into town for some last minute tourist shopping before then heading off to the airport.

After a short wait at the departure lounge, we finally said our heartfelt farewells; and there were hugs and kisses all round. Wendy slowly made her way out onto the tarmac, and after about a dozen turn 'rounds and waves, she finally boarded the plane; but not before one last big wave as she entered the door of the aircraft.

Wendy's freedom bird
Wendy will be sorely missed. It was great sharing our experiences with her on this leg of our journey, and I know for a fact that both Bec and Scarlett will both miss her - not to say I won't; but after we all said our good byes, Scarlett had a little cry in the car as we left the airport. She was already missing her Nana. (I think Bec had some sand in her eyes though, as they seemed a little red and wet too!)

I took us around to the other side of the airfield to visit some of the guys at RAAF Base Learmonth. This is a 'bare base', and is only activated during exercises, emergencies, or during a time of war. While I talked to the current caretaker and electrician, Bec and Scarlett waved a final good bye as the QANTAS plane took off and headed south towards Perth.

Shane at the 'Z Force' memorial

We then checked out the 'Z Force' memorial. This is the exact departure point that the MV Krait left Australian shores bound for Singapore on 'Operation Jaywick' on September 2, 1943. The MV Krait returned from the Operation on October 19, 1943, having sunk 37,000 tons of enemy shipping.

It was then into the Cape National Park, where we followed a ridge line with huge gorges either side of us. Some of the views were spectacular, and they reminded of us of 'the Grand Canyon' in America, or even landscapes that you might find in Arizona. We weren't expecting to find these huge mountain ranges  up here on the peninsular, as our journey north has been on relatively flat country so far.

Rebecca; 'on top of the world'

Bec; 'living on the edge'

We couldn't help notice the MG Kailis Group seafood processing facility that advertises fresh prawn and seafood located just off the main road before you enter Exmouth, so we stopped and had a look. We soon discovered that his Group has a fleet of trawlers operating in the crystal clean ocean waters of the Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia. Over 90% of the catching vessels in this fishery are under this Group's control. With leading processing technology and uniquely controlled same day catch operations. This enables the daily production of fresh wild caught Tiger, King, Endeavour and Banana Prawns to be packed fresh to suit a diverse range of requirements. We ended up buying a 1kg of King Prawns, and enjoyed them with some fresh bread rolls for dinner. I must say that they would have to be the freshest and tastiest prawns I have ever had. Even Bec, who isn't really keen on prawns , loved them!

We returned back to the caravan park, where Scarlett and I disappeared for a play in the 'cold' swimming pool for an hour or so, while Bec got stuck into yesterdays blog that needed doing.

The day was finished by attending the free outdoor movie here at the caravan park. They played 'Bedtime Stories', and the kids absolutely loved it. they had a great time eating popcorn and wearing glow stick bands. The night was getting cooler by the minute, and just before the movie ended, a very large falling star was seen behind the outdoor movie screen. It was that bright that some people thought it was a flare, but it certainly was something burning up in the atmosphere; more than likely some space junk.

I just want to finish today's post by thanking Wendy for flying all the way to Perth from Sydney to see Scarlett, and spending 4 weeks travelling the 1300km's north to Exmouth with us; in our caravan! We certainly enjoyed having you with us, and it meant a lot to all of us, that you shared your 'bucket list' dream of swimming with the whale sharks. We enjoyed some great sunsets together overlooking the Indian Ocean while sipping on a Margaret River wine or two; and we experienced some wonderful scenery (both on land and underwater) together.

In Scarlett's own words; "We're family".

Safe travels Wendy, and give our love to all our family and friends back home when you get there. We miss you already!

We love you! xxx

Wendy;  aka "Nana"

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