Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 108. Carnarvon

The Water Fight

Shane and Scarlett doing craft
Another relaxing day here in Carnarvon. I had banana on toast for breakfast, a luxury till now as we have not been able to afford. This area is one of the biggest banana exporters in the whole of W.A. so at $6 - $8 a kg we are really lucky.  

Mum and I then went for a drive up the street to grab some stuff for dinner, drop off mail at the post office, and paid a visit to  Country Target. I grabbed some new pajamas, as I'm finding that I'm spending so much time in mine that I'm wearing them out.

When we returned we had some lunch and Scarlett was asked over to a van across from us for a birthday party. One of the little girls she had been playing with is turning 3 today and her mum was throwing her a birthday party. Maya, Grace, and Jai were also there, and together they all had a ball. We even manage to throw together a small present for her.

With the kids entertained most of the day with party games, face painting and water balloons, Jo and I worked on her blog. I'm showing her how to keep a blog like the one we have. We sat around watching the kids while working on her blog, and drinking vodka for most of the afternoon.

Jace getting Jai, with Maya sneaking up behind.
This afternoon, the kids had the biggest water bomb fight ever! Poor Jace soon found himself right in the middle of it, with all the kids chasing and targeting him. Pay back was good, as Jace grabbed a bucket of water and drenched them all. This went on for an hour, and I have never heard so much screaming and laughing in all my life.

Lucky for me, mum and Shane were cooking dinner tonight. They are doing a roast beef and vegetables on the BBQ . It was soooo delicious, mum even had white sauce for the cauliflower. Thanks mum and Shane for a great meal, it was the best one we have made in the van since we left.

Jace using Grace as cover from Scarlett

Scarlett buggered after the huge water fight

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