Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 147. Broome

Take 2...

Well we all slept like babies last night. After such a busy day yesterday, we were exhausted by the time we hit the hay. If not for Scarlett being up and 'bouncing' around the caravan by 6:30am this morning, I'm sure Bec and I would of slept in. If only...

This morning was spent finishing off doing the housework. We were able to upload 2 x of our 'missing blogs', finish cleaning out and repacking the Pajero, washed 80% of the caravan, as well as clean the ensuite, windows, sky lights and floors of the van. We achieved a lot today - and its good to see some positive results for a change. Lately its felt like we have taken two steps forward and one step back everytime we try to do something, but now we feel  like we are now starting to get back on top of everything.

Broome Jetty

I know its probably boring reading about 'the housework', but believe it or not it really does take up a lot of our time. We love to get 'out and about', but for everyday we are out there; it takes two to catch up to be ready to do it all again. It's really is an evil necessity...

Scarlett spent the morning riding her bike, and playing with her 'multitude' of friends; but not to take anything from her she did also help. She helped me by sweeping the concrete outside our van, and she also helped by taking out the garbage. She doesn't really do a lot, but the little she does makes a big difference for both Bec and me.

Scarlett exploring the rocks

Scarlett and 'one' of her crabs!

After lunch, we went down to the Port of Broome to check out the area, as we haven't had the chance up until now to do so. The sea's were beautiful, and the water clear as crystal and warm. We watched the fishing boats come in, while exploring the rocky outcrops along the beachfront. Bec found a few more shells, and Scarlett had a ball playing with crabs; small sand crabs on the beach, dead red rock crabs in the rocks, and even hermit crabs she found walking around between the sand and rocks.

It was a great day to spend down by the water as the weather here reached over 34 deg today, so I think we the cold spell we have been experiencing lately has finally broken. The heat has finally arrived! I'm just glad that we're not back home, or in the south of Australia at the moment - as I believe its a little cooler than normal.

Scarlett and Shane 'playing' in the rocks

We stopped in at Woolworths on the way back to pick up a few more heavy shopping items that didn't get picked up yesterday. At the same time we topped up with diesel (including jerries), and also got some more unleaded for the generator. This is the first time I have had to worry about topping up the unleaded for the generator since leaving Sydney, but I hope to do a bit more free camping while travelling through the "Kimberly's" and the "Top End" of the Northern Territory;
which we'll cross into in the next two weeks or so.

Bec sitting in a natural window overlooking the waters at Broome

Tonight we returned to the open air 'Sun Cinema' to watch 'Cars 2'... again. After last nights disappointment, we had to give it another go as the kids were really wanting to see it. Not only were Martin, Nikki, and Scarlet there; bit Jace, Jo, Maya, Grace and Jai came along tonight too. The popcorn and chips were quickly demolished, while Bec and I enjoyed our 'cuppas'. We even had a beer and strongbow that we smuggled into the theatre.

Not something you would normally have to give way to...
Well tonight the movie worked, and we were all able to enjoy the full showing of 'Cars 2'. I think that not only the kids enjoyed the movie; but the adults did too. Everyone commented on how good it was, and how much better it was compared to the original 'Cars' movie. Scarlett enjoyed it even more as 'mum' (aka Bec) ended up joining her on the picnic blanket (on the grass) during the whole movie.

It was great to see them both curled up together while watching the show. Tonight we only had two interruptions while trying to watch the movie - both caused by QANTAS and Virgin as there jets made very low passes over the cinema screen while on final approach to Broome Airport. It certainly was a different experience - but the kids loved it!

While driving around Broome this afternoon, we were stopped at a couple of intersection as camels crossed the road. Obviously this isn't a normal southern experience; but up here the camels head out to the beach daily, so its a common occurance. We enjoyed it so much, that we had to get a photo or two...

... except in Broome.
Who would of thought we'd get stopped twice in one day?
Tomorrow we finally say good bye to Broome as we head further east and into Derby.

We have finally updated all the missing posts from the last week of travelling with no internet connection. So if you have the time, please scroll back to Day 142 and catchup our latest adventures.

Cheers Shane

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