Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 131. 80 Mile Beach

She’s hooked!

Bec collecting seashells

First thing this morning it was back down the beach to search for more seashells. We hooked up with Jace, Jo, Maya, Grace and Jai, and jumped in our 4wd’s. We ended up going about 25km’s up the beach and found a creek entrance, which looked like a good place to start our search for shells. It was a very isolated part of the coastline, and we were out here by ourselves, and it was a great experience. Unfortunately the wind was blowing a gale, but we persevered and ended up finding a number of beautiful seashells anyway.

Scarlett collecting seashells
We then headed back in the other direction, continuing a further 5km’s back past the caravan park to see if we could get out of the wind. We had partial success, as the wind was nowhere near as savage at this end of the beach. We found a number of cowries and pearlescent fans before heading back to the van for morning tea.

Bec’s fishing antics of yesterday certainly spread around the park, as she was one of the very few people who actually ‘hooked up’. She had a number of people drop in to talk about her near catch experience, and one (our neighbour), ended up giving us a spool of 25lb line and a number of larger hooks to put on our fishing rods. I ended up spending an hour or so re-rigging all three rods; ready to do battle with the ‘top end’ fish.

While I was doing this, Bec baked some cupcakes for the kids. They love when Bec does this as she lets them all decorate and take home their very own cup cakes. Its a yummy favourite!

Mid afternoon I loaded up the Pajero with Bec and Scarlett, and we drove down to the beach to wet our lines. Unfortunately, Scarlett didn’t last long as she lost a sinker, and then her interest soon after. Luckily for us she was happy to build sand castles, while Bec and I continued fishing.

We fished, and fished some more, but between the wind, incoming tide and a rip out in front of us we weren’t very successful. Not many people were lucky today, all we saw a couple of small sharks brought in, as well as a couple of threadfin salmon hook ups (that were all lost before landing). Scarlett started getting impatient about two hours into our fishing expedition, so I decided to take her back up to the van so she could play with the other kids and ride her bike.

I asked Bec if she was coming, but she wouldn’t think of it. She said; “I’m hooked… I think I love fishing”. So with that I left her at the beach fishing, while I took Scarlett back to the van. About 30min later, I left Scarlett behind with our friends listening to a grey nomad singing (a free concert – there must have been at least 40 people watching, and enjoying, his show), while I returned to Bec to see how she was going.

Bec enjoying the sunset while still trying to catch the one that got away...

It was almost sunset, so I took down the camera and a couple of Strongbow Apple Ciders to share with Bec. She still hadn’t had any luck, but she was enjoying herself – which is what fishing is all about.

Bec and I shared a magical experience together this evening. We watched the setting sun in a beautiful location, while wetting a line, and enjoying a quiet drink together. It was a very relaxing way to finish the day.

I know of said this before, but I could very easily get use to this way of life…..

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