Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 141. Broome

What a load of Croc!

We woke up and farewelled our mates - Jace, Jo, Maya, Grace and Jai. They have left there van behind for a couple of days to head up to Cape Leveque to do a bit of exploration. We will meet up with them back here at the Broome Caravan Park next Saturday. Saturday because that's the day we return from our 4 x days of doing a similar thing - camping and exploring the Dampier Peninsular at Middle Lagoon and Cape Leveque.

Scarlett's 'improvised' cubby house
We spent the morning cooking and cleaning; for readiness for our own up coming camping trip tomorrow. Poor Bec spent nearly all morning in the kitchen, while I spent most of my morning cleaning out the pajero, then sorting and packing it all in again. Meanwhile Scarlett spent the morning riding her bike around the park, followed by playing in a cubby house I helped her construct under our awning. She invited her new found friends to play with her, and at one stage there was 5 x little kids in the very popular cubby house!

Before Jo left this morning, she gave Bec a 'few' fillets of Giant Threadfin Salmon; and Bec gave her some Zucchini Slice in return. Bec crumbed and cooked the fish for lunch, and I must admit it was very yummy. There were a few small bones in it, but Bec and I enjoyed it just the same.

Did someone ask for an 'Entree?'

American Alligator
After lunch we headed into town to do a little grocery shopping then over to Cable Beach to visit Malcolm Douglas's original Crocodile Park. This park is where Malcolm started his love affair with the humble crocodile after originally being a crocodile hunter back in the 60's and 70's.

When he was a hunter, he realised that the Australian Estuarine and Johnson River Crocodiles (commonly known as the 'Saltie' and 'Freshie') were in need of some conservation and recognition. He foresaw their eventual demise in the not to distant future due by over hunting. This park houses a number of 'problem' crocs, true rogues that have become a major nuisance in aboriginal communities here in Australia's north, and in populated area's/stations.

This croc was giving Bec the 'evil eye'

This crocodile has a natural deformity due to eggs being to
hot in the nest. They would never survive in the wild.
Malcolm also has a number of 'exotic' crocodilians in this park - namely the Papuan Freshwater Crocodile, American Alligators, and Caiman's. All very interesting critters in their own right; but I must admit I still have a 'soft spot' for the two species that call Australia home.

I know Bec loves her sharks (especially the Great White Sharks that she swam with off Port Lincoln); but I pefer the 'evil' looking and menacing crocodile. These guys are definately my favourite! I can't wait to 'swim' with a 'Saltie' when we reach Darwin in a few weeks time.

Never ever smile at a crocodile....
I think Scarlett has found her place in the world - this is somewhere she really loves. Everywhere we go she is the first in line (especially when its a wildlife park), and she is always first to raise her hand when the crowd is asked for a volunteer to hold or touch something 'wild'. Even at the croc feeding sessions, she gets very close to the fences and really 'watches' what is going on. Unfortunately she loses interest very quickly - but I think that's an age thing. She is only 5 years old after all! 
Scarlett cuddling a 14 month old 'Saltie'

It was great to get up close and personal with these living dinosaurs. We've been lucky enough to visit both of Malcolm Douglas' parks here in Broome, and I would recommend anyone visiting Broome to do the same. If time didn't allow you the chance to visit both parks, I would recommend visiting the 'Wildlife Park' 15 km's out of Broome. There is a wider variety of wildlife to see, and the crocodiles are in bigger enclosures with more crocodiles in them. This allows for a more aggressive 'feeding frenzy' during the feeding tour - which is a must!

We returned to the van where Bec made tantalising pizza's, and a pizza base garlic bread for dinner. They were enjoyed by all; including Scarlett. After dinner, I packed the bikes away, and started to put the satellite dish away ready for our big camping trip tomorrow. I can't wait.

If we are lucky we might get to see our first 'wild' crocodiles....

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your whole day story.From farewell to get a a chance of watching crocodile all were so interesting.Keep posting such interesting stories.