Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 136. Broome

Diamonds were a girls best friend.....Now, we have discovered Pearls

Today was practically a no day - almost.

We headed into Broome this morning to have a look around China Town and to do some much needed shopping. Shane was going to get a gas bottle refilled in a local hardware shop, but when he heard that they wanted almost $45, he quickly did an about turn and left so fast the store attendant didn't even see him disappear!

We visited a good half dozen pearl shops today, they are all filled with the most beautiful Pearls! The colours and designs of the jewellery are amazing, and as Shane soon discovered, the prices are astronomical! I could easily spend 10's of thousands of dollars here if I had the chance....

Scarlett at a marine display in one of the Pearl shops

Scarlett started to get a little antsy so we had to cut our visit to China Town short, as we still needed to get some minor shopping done before heading back to the van. We also found a local bike shop, and Shane found some heavy duty inner tubes for Scarlett's and my bike. These tubes have some weird self repairing green goop inside to aid in self repair when you get a puncture from the huge prickles here. After yesterdays bike ride into town, we all came away with flat tyres that really can't be repaired - they all now need replacing! Each tube was almost $25 each, so we didn't buy them all straight away, as the total price for 6 x tubes was nearly $150, however, we'll buy the others before we leave Broome. Apparently the whole top end of Australia has these enormous monster bindis that just suck the life out of unsuspecting southern 'soft' tyres. Its time we 'hardened up'!

'Paspaley Pearls'. They control 99% of Australia's pearl industry

We also stopped in at Cole's and bought some essential groceries - mainly for the 'State of Origin' tonight. We have invited all our caravan neighbours over to watch the game, and you wouldn't believe it but the family in the van behind us turns out to be the daughter of a friend of mums who lives down Bowral way. Mum actually mentioned to me that she had spoken to Annie's mother, and we needed to keep our eye out for them. They are travelling Australia in the opposite direction to us, so I never thought we would actually run into them! It really is a small country.

The iconic 'Sun Pictures' open air theatre, as shown in the movie "Australia"

Scarlett is on her bike so much she forgets to take off'
her helmet when not riding
We returned to the van, and I got busy cooking home-made sausage rolls for tonight. I also made a number of dips and canapes to help keep all the kids and adults happy during the game. Shane put the beer and Ciders on ice, before getting stuck into repairing Scarlett's wheels on her bike.

Hopefully the night isn't as cold as last night.....

P.S - Mum asked for some video footage of Scarlett riding her bike without training wheels, here are a couple of short clips.

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