Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 142. Broome to Middle Lagoon

Into the wilderness

Our van in storage
We left Broome today, and started our adventure up into Cape Leveque. The van has been left behind at the caravan park; just moved over to the back and into the storage area. It will be tenting (a big step down) for us for the next four nights.

The road/track in is very rough, and you can only go about 60km’s an hour to avoid coming undone in the huge washouts and drains. There seems to only be one good drive line only, but you need to avoid oncoming traffic as both directions use it.

Not long after setting out we came across a huge protest at the ‘Willie Creek Pearl Farm’ turn off - for the natural gas line they are building up here. I know we all need these energy resources, and I am the first to have the meter on overload at home; but when you come up here and experience the raw natural beauty of this place, it’s hard to stomach ‘progress’, and little wonder why the people up here are against it.

Protest at Willie Creek

Pearl Shell Altar
After an hour and a half on the poor excuse for a dirt road, we took the Beagle Bay turn off. This is the location of the Sacred Heart church and home of a beautiful Pearl Shell alter. This was an amazing sight and it must have taken years to make this church. The pearl shells are amazing. On the way out Scarlett was very excited to see wild horses just walking around in town; she couldn’t understand why no one would want to catch them and keep them as a pet. 

Petrol Bowser at Begal Bay - you need to pre-purchase a fuel card for these

Road into Middle Lagoon
Next stop was Middle Lagoon and our campground at ‘Natures Hideaway’. The camp host suggested some good spots to camp, but left the decision up to us. After doing a lap we picked a lovely shady spot up in the trees away from the wind. There was a campfire pit already here, and Scarlett was cheering. We have been carrying two bags of wood since ‘Parry’s Beach’ in far southern WA, and finally now have the chance to use it and the marshmallows Scarlett has had forever too.

After setting up camp we made our way down to the beach, as the weather is finally hot enough for me to consider a swim. There was a sign in the toilets which read “last crocodile sighted in bay was on May 31st 2011”. Well that was a couple of weeks ago now, and the water was so clear you could see out for miles, so we deemed it ok. I did however swim with one older gentleman who I ensured remained further out than me at all times. Just in case.

Shane and Scarlett building a camp fire

Scarlett and Shane had a lovely time building sand castles and building traps by hiding big holes in the sand while pretending to walk and drop into them. It was a lovely afternoon spent lazing around, and we plan on doing something very similar tomorrow.

Middle Lagoon

The showers here were great; very hot, and out here I can tell you we didn’t expect much. Shane had the campfire lit for Scarlett early, and the marshmallows were being cooked by 5. She finally had her fill of marshmallows, so we brought out the thermal slow cooker which had a lovely chicken casserole cooking in it all day, it was really yummy.

Scarlett climbed into the car to watch a movie after dinner, and Shane and I had a cuppa while watching the amazing amount of stars out here. After her movie we took Scarlett for a spot light walk; where we spotted a small wallaby and a huntsman spider. It was a great day and we were all really tired, so it was off to bed.


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