Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 140. Broome

The best hump on 'Cable Beach'

We were up bright and early this morning; 6:00am to be exact! We really aren't use to this anymore. We were off to see the dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point, which are believed to be more than 130 million years old. There are two sets of different foot prints made up from sauropods, ornithopods, other theropods, and what have been described as possible 'Stegosaurus' prints. The tracks all date back to the Early Cretaceous, from around 110 to 120 million years ago.

The print is hard to make out due to the incoming tide, it's marked with the blue arrow

We needed to get here this early, as one of the sets can only be viewed at a very low tide. This mornings low tide is the only one where they will be visible during daylight hours for the whole month; so it was important we made to effort to get the kids there to see it. I must admit, I thought I would really have to use my imagination to make these prints out, but they were so clearly defined and visible that I found it quite remarkable.

Shane holding the moon

After our early morning adventure we made our way back to the van for a bacon and eggs brunch. Scarlett climbed back into my bed for another hour to watch cartoons, and just take some time out. I have been given a leave pass for this morning to go into town on my own and peruse the shops. I didn't have to be asked twice and I was off.

I had a lovely morning looking in all the Pearl shops. I also grabbed Scarlett two more swimming rashies, as she goes through heaps of swimmers due to the chlorine from all the pools up here. I popped into Coles and grabbed some chicken schnitzels for lunch, and also bought a couple of souvenirs, before heading back back to see how they were coping without me.

There was no worry, Scarlett was next door playing with Sophie, and Shane hadn't left the couch he was on when I left still watching the V8's. (I have been told since, he did get off the couch and took Scarlett for a 15min bike ride) After lunch and some packing for our camping trip for next Tuesday, we were off to 'Cable Beach' for a camel ride. We had booked this days ago, and it was a definite on the trip's bucket list. We weren't disappointed.

Scarlett and I were lucky enough to score the fist camel 'Horus'; he was the Alpha (or boss) of all the other camels. It turned out that he was quite a cranky camel too. He even tried to bite Scarlett and I, while taking a photo with him before our ride. Shane ended up directly behind us on 'Hot Rod'. It was early afternoon and the sun was starting to set. Out in the distance was an old Pearl Lugger in the bay, and the water was so blue and the sand so white it was in stark contrast to the red ochre cliffs lining the beach. This certainly was an experience we will not forget.

This evening we joined three other travelling families for a pizza night at the 'Mango Place'. The outdoor setting in the garden was so beautiful, and the kids had a ball running around playing hide and seek in the gardens. We chose our own pizza toppings, and they were all delicious. Our's was a Mango Tandoori sauce with chicken, ricotta, rocket and red onion. Everyone commented that it was the best combination of them all.

What a lovely evening. It was a great way to finish off such a memorable day.

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