Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 138. Broome

Earring's for my baby girl

Today was a very special day; Scarlett got her ears pierced. This has been a very, very, long time coming!

We had a nice morning, of cuppa's out under the awning with Annie, Peter and kids (the daughter of mum's friend) from Bowral. We had planned to go into the shops today and get some fishing tackle, although I must admit I had a hidden agenda. Scarlett has wanted her ears pierced for ages, and Shane hasn't been very keen on the idea at all.

We went to the mall and I asked in at the chemist about getting Scarlett's ears done. Thy did do them but asked us to come back in an hour. It took me the whole hour to convince Shane; then we were set. They took us into the back room and she was really excited as she had picked some little sterling silver earrings with the October (her birth month) Pink Tourmaline stone in them. They then placed little black dots on her ears to mark the spot, and another lady came in to do the other ear at the same time.

It was over in a heart beat. She didn't really cry at all, but there was a shocked look on her face and I must admit that it made her eyes water. As a 'reward', I then took her to get an ice-cream. She then ran around and proudly showed everyone her new earrings - anyone who would listen that is! I was so proud of her!


On the way back to the van we called into the camping shop to grab some fishing gear. I needed some new sinkers, hooks, line, floats, filleting knife, bait knife and bait. Poor Shane's wallet was hurting a little by the time I was finished. I'm keen as to get back out there, hoping to do some fishing off the jetty here at Broome some time soon.

When we got back it was time to get some gear together to head down to 'Town Beach' again for another staircase to the moon viewing. It was mayhem this evening, there were so many more people here than last night. We had 13 people sitting with us, when we then ran into two more families that we have seen on and off travelling, who then also joined us. It was such a social event, Scarlett had a ball playing with all the kids and exploring the markets again.

The moon was spectacular! This evening the steps weren't as defined as last night, but with the volcanic ash cloud travelling around the globe at the moment the moon was shrouded in a rich orange haze. We took a million photo's and drank a bottle or two of champagne. It was then back home with more memories that will no doubt last a lifetime.

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