Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 182. Mataranka to Daly Waters

Beef and Barra

After an early morning Skype to mum, we all got moving so we could catch the Barramundi feeding and markets at the neighbouring caravan park this morning. We were there by 9am, so we had a quick look at the markets (which consisted of a whole 6 stalls), patted the resident donkeys, and found a spot over at the small man made billabong to see the fish feeding.
Scarlett's turn

It's quite famous in these parts the barramundi are huge and get hand caught by their mouths as they take the bait and lifted up out of the water for everyone to see. Well that is how it is supposed to happen anyway. It is a little cold in these parts at the moment; only 22 deg in the water where barramundi like it more around the 32 deg mark. They took the bait off the rods, but wouldn't play the game with being fed by hand. Scarlett didn't care as she got a turn of holding the fishing rod to feed them. They hit the bait like a rocket, and there is a huge splash but with their speed unfortunately no chance of getting a decent photo.

Before leaving town we decided to check out the 'We of the Never Never' homestead replica and the 'Thermal Pool'.  Matranka was home to Jeannie Gunn who penned the Australian classic book 'We of the Never Never'. Jeannie married Aeneas Gunn and lived and worked 'Elsey Station' in 1902. After Aeneas died and Jeannie moved away and in 1908 'We of the Never Never' was written about the characters and experiences of her life out here in the Australian outback.

The homestead replica that was used for the movie 'We of the Never Never'

The Thermal Pools; which are located within walking distance from the homestead, were beautiful. I think this will be the last of these swims, as heading south they are more of a rarity. The pools had a boardwalk that meandered it's way down through the monsoonal rainforest to a palm fringed crystal clear thermal pool. It's warm inviting waters had us all floating around in total relaxation. They were so clear, and with snorkeling mask's on the visibility was like looking through a normal domestic pool.

We all had a great time here, this wasn't one of the biggest pools we have swam in so far, but was one of the prettiest. We have really enjoyed all the thermal pools and springs; they are a great way for Scarlett to snorkel and see what fish and plants live in these parts, as they are all so clear. After getting back to the van and changing into some dry clothes, we had a spot of lunch and settled in for today's drive.

We have stooped for the night out back of  'Daly Waters Pub', another Australia icon. The memorabilia that lines the walls inside and outside was fascinating. Inside the bar area was a large number of overseas/Australian travellers id's, foreign currency, hats, bras, thongs, g-strings, jersey's, photos, business cards, and literally anything else you can think of that people have left their mark on visiting this place with. Outside the pub is an eclectic mass of road signs, car parts, a working set of traffic lights, a parking meter, old bottles, horse shoes, farm equipment, and old number plates. It was very interesting to say the least.

Daly Waters Pub

We forked out a whole $14 for an unpowered site out the back, and pre-ordered their famous 'Barra and Beef'' for dinner. When we arrived for dinner they gave Scarlett an activity book, where she had to find answers throughout the beer garden hidden in the myriad of items adorning the walls and roof. She had a lot of ball doing it, and after answering all the questions and colouring in the pictures the bar staff told her to help herself to any of the ice-cream's in the chest out the front she liked. I would have picked a magnum (the most expensive indulgence); but she went with a humble paddle pop cup.

Scarlett with her free ice cream in the main bar area

Dinner was so yummy, the Beef and Barra came straight off a BBQ out in the beer garden; and there was a huge fresh salad bar with crusty warm bread to accompany it. There was free entertainment in the beer garden also, with a man singing and doing a little stand up comedy. With a wonderful dinner, a few drinks and Scarlett's free ice cream we had all had a very enjoyable and memorable evening.

A load of ASLAV tanks being delivered back up north, the drivers stopped in here at the pub for the evening.
This pic is for 'Grumpy'

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