Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 175. Darwin

Crocs and toads

Well we got through another night with Bec's toothache. It's definately causing her a lot of pain; and I hate that there is nothing I can do about it. All I can do is try to get her to rest, and take painkillers when needed. At least they are helping her sleep at night. I can't wait for tomorrow morning when we can hopefully contact a dentist that will see her straight away!

I did a couple of loads of washing before we headed out to have a look around Darwin itself. I can't believe we have been in Darwin now for 7 days and we haven't really done much at all. I know we need to rest; and its been great sitting back and not having to worry about doing this or that. But today we thought we might try to get out for a couple of hours and have a look around.

Bec and Scarlett out on 'Stokes Hill Wharf'; with Darwin in the background

First we were off to Darwin City itself, where I went up and down the main streets pointing out anything that I thought Bec and Scarlett might find interesting. This included; RAAF Base Darwin, the air museum, Darwin foreshore and parklands, The waterfront, Stokes Hill Wharf, and of course Crocosaurus Cove; which is located in town (opposite Shananigans Irish Pub). Bec really wanted to swim in the 'Cage of Death', but with her toothache and the painkillers she is presently taking, we have decided it might not be a good idea after all. We did see a number of other people enter the 'Cage of Death'; and I could see that Bec envied the lucky individual who got to experience 'the Cage' during feeding time.

Bec and Scarlett 'fishing' for crocs!

During the feeding of the smaller juvenile Crocs; everyone who wanted to participate got the chance to feed them using fishing rods. Bec and Scarlett were one of the first in line, and were soon in the croc pen. It certainly wasn't the 'Cage of Death', but at least Bec had a chance to get involved; even if it was with crocodiles much smaller than the ones she was planning on getting up close and personal with.

Never smile at a crocodile - especially when your swimming with them!

Scarlett even went swimming with the same crocs she fed. There is a pool that is seperated from the crocodile enclosure by a bit of glass; and Scarlett was so brave when she went into it by herself. She swam right up to the crocodiles, and actually spent more time under water watching the crocodiles looking at her. She loved the experience, and had the best time with these 'living' dinosaurs.
Shane and a monitor lizard in the Reptile Room
Crocosaurus Cove is really a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone contemplating visiting Darwin for a short visit. The water was clear; which allowed unreal views of the crocodiles underwater!

Next we stopped into Baskin Robbins and all enjoyed an icecream and a thickshake. It was exactly what we needed after having so much fun getting 'up close and personal' with crocodiles and reptiles all morning. Yummy!

We then drove down to Cullen Bay and the marina just to have a look around. Nothing has changed from how I remember it from years ago. On the way back to the van, I stopped off and filled up a gas bottle and got some diesel engine oil.

When we returned to the caravan park, Bec went over to see Charles and Pauline. She wanted to see how they were, and also help out with their blog. During her absence, Scarlett went for abike ride and ended up having her first real 'bike crash'. Don't fear though, as the new bike is fine! Scarlett however came off worse for wear, and ended up with a few scratches and grazes to both legs. Once the blood was cleaned up, Bec took her over to the Cane Toad Races that were about to start in the pool area.

I took this opportunity to do a quick engine oil change, and got to work draining the oil while it was still warm from running around town earlier. I soon had new oil in the engine, and commenced the huge task of cleaning up. I then grabbed a couple of drinks and headed over to the pool area to catch the last of the 'toad races'. I found Bec and Scarlett in the thick of it, with Scarlett already entered into her second race. Bec soon explained that Scarlett's first race didn't go so well, as Scarlett had picked the biggest and ugliest toad imaginable. Not sure if it had a self image complex; or if it was just over weight and didn't like moving, but Scarlett was very disappointed when her toad hardly moved during the race and was convincingly beaten.

Scarlett and her toad
Oh well; I arrived in time to see her race her second toad, so I hoped my support might get her across the line for a place or win. I was impressed to see Scarlett pick up her toad (#3), and place it in the central ring when the race started. It was neck and neck for a while ther, and it ended up being a very close race in the end. She was just beaten for third by a hop; and missed a place on the winners podium. Again, she was not impressed, and wanted to leave straight away.

We returned to the van and had an early dinner, then it was showers and relaxing in front of the TV for the evening. I'm not sure if I'll sleep at all tonight; as Mark Webber is on Pole for the German Grand Prix; and Cadel Evans is leading the 'Tour de France', which is on early tomorrow morning.

PS: Rumour has it that Courtney (Bec's sister in-law) might be ready to have her baby - very very soon! We are thinking of you Courtney, and all the best! Adam; be a man and help your beautiful fiance. Help deliver your baby when it finally decides to enter the world; as its a great moment you will never forget or regret! Good luck guys, as we are thinking of you way up here in far northern Australia!

xxx (three kisses for the three of you)

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