Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 160. Kununurra

A new haircut

Yes the most exciting thing we have to report today, is Scarlett got a new haircut! We slept in finally, Scarlett must have had such a huge day yesterday at El Questro that she finally slept in till 7:45am. We all got up, got dressed and headed into town to the local markets that are held here every Saturday morning.

My new haircut
Well apparently not this Saturday morning anyway.....because of the agricultural show that is on here this weekend. We were all dressed up, hadn't eaten, and had no markets to go to. We were so very disappointed that we ended up going into Coles instead. It was a cheese and bacon roll for breakfast, and some final supplies for the next leg.

I did some cleaning, washing, read my book, and just hang out with Scarlett. We are saving all our energy for tomorrow when we hit the road again for another big leg, this time ending in Darwin via Kakadu. Shane got us Barramundi and chips for lunch because we missed our breakfast we planned to have at the markets; and it was delicious, a real treat.

This afternoon I got a lady here at the van park to give Scarlett a hair cut. It's so hot now, we decided to get the back cut considerably shorter; and it now sits just below her shoulders. She loves it thank god, and we think it really suits her.

Tonight Martin, Nikki and Scarlet came over for dinner. We have been lucky enough to overlap by one day here at Kununurra as we leave tomorrow, and they just got off the Gibb River Rd and into Kununurra today. It was great to hear all their stories from the Gibb River Rd, and fill them in on ours. The girls went and watched the outdoor movie with home made pizza I made them, while we sat around over a few drinks enjoying my 'little too hot' butter chicken. Shane and Martin loved it, but I must admit it was a little too hot for my pallet unfortunately.

It was such a lovely evening, we really enjoyed having them here and hopefully will catch up with them again in Darwin.

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