Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 174. Darwin

Someone please shoot me now!

That's how I have felt all day today, my wisdom tooth it killing me. We rang up 35 dentists this morning, and all but one were closed for the whole weekend due to the public holiday yesterday; and the one that was open wouldn't take me. So Shane did a run to the chemist and brought back the strongest pain killers they had.

After the pain killers took hold, we went to the pool area for $5 pancakes for breakfast, there was no way my mouth could deal with toast this morning. The pancakes were great; Scarlett even loved them, and the atmosphere by the pool was lovely.

Enjoying pancakes for breakfast by the pool

At 9am Scarlett took off to the kids club for face painting, she is so independant now. Shane went and checked on her after an hour, and they were playing statues surrounded with balloons, streamers and listening to music. It was a real party as they had cakes, doughnuts and all sorts of other party food. Her face was painted really pretty, and aparently they even played pass the parcel with Scarlett scoring a lollie.

Party food....yum!

I was passed out at this stage in a painkiller coma, and when I awoke Scarlett had decorated my bed with balloons, flowers, and all her stuffed animals. She was trying to make me feel better, she was being such a good girl. There was no food left in the van today, as I haven't shopped since Katherine. So we had to make a trip to the Palmerston shopping centre to pay a visit to Coles. Almost $300 later and we returned to the van to unpack and have some lunch.
Coming back from the party

After lunch Scarlett went back to the kids club for her last session of the week; a colouring-in competition. She coloured in a lovely picture of  'Belle' from 'Beauty and the Beast'. They were announcing the winners this evening at the pool area, and she was really excited. When she returned Shane took her to the pool for a couple of hours of play, while I again slept.

While at the pool Shane ran into some friends from back at Albany we had met really early on in the trip; Charles and Pauline. They called around later that evening to say hi, and see how I was doing. It was great to see them both. I quizzed Charles on barra fishing, as they had just come back from 2 weeks fishing in the Daly River; where Charles was catching at least 20 barra a day. I can't wait to get there.

Scarlett didn't win the colouring in competition, she did make the short list though and hers was on display in the window of the office. So, pretty disappointed she returned to the van for dinner. It was an early night for me and Scarlett while Shane stayed up and watched the Grand Prix.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get out a little more.

Her picture is the one on the left "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast

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