Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 172. Darwin

Mindil Beach Markets

Scarlett had plaster painting this morning at 9am, and Shane had to take the car in to get new tyres at 10am, so we were in for a busy morning. After dropping Scarlett at her class, Shane took off and it gave me a chance to get some washing and cleaning done. I did manage to sit down with a cuppa and read a mag for a bit, which was nice.

When I picked Scarlett up she was having the best time. She had painted two plaster pieces, a frangapini photo frame and a beautiful butterfly. They were only $3 each, a bargain for all the fun she had. It was starting to heat up so the kids next door asked Scarlett when she returned to go to the pool. The temperature was a little cool in the pool, so they were only in for about an hour when they decided they were all going for an ice-cream was a better idea.

The lovely people next door have their grandchildren over from Spain. Their son is quite taken with Scarlett and likes to have her involved in everything he does; including granddad's trip for ice-cream. Don't let me be the one to stand in the way, I sat by the pool and read my book until they returned.

Shane and Bernie
Shane was back by lunchtime, and we were all off to the 'Trailer Boat Club' for lunch with 'Bernie' (Shane and I's mate from the RAAF base up here). This club is great, they have a swimming pool and playground for the kids. It's location sits overlooking 'Fannie Bay'; what a beautiful view. Bernie so generously shouted us all Barra Burgers for lunch, and they were really good. Thanks mate it has been so good seeing you again.


We sat around for hours soaking in the wonderful atmosphere, while Scarlett played with the kids. They all went for a walk along the waterfront collecting sea shells. She found the most unusual pool of water with a natural spring of ground water coming up within it. It looked like a mini volcano under the water, which she showed all the kids who thought it was amazing.

After lunch we bid our goodbyes to Bernie and made our way over to the Darwin Museum to check out the famous stuffed crocodile 'Sweetheart'. Sweetheart was the name given to a 5.1 metre crocodile responsible for a series of attacks on a number of boats in Australia between 1974 and 1979. Sweetheart attacked outboard motors, dinghies, and fishing boats. In July 1979, Sweetheart was finally caught alive by a team from the Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission, but drowned while being transported when he became tangled in it's net with a log. The crocodile's mounted body is now on permanent display at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, and it is amazing.

The Famous Sweetheart

After an hour walking around and looking at the various displays such as the 'Cyclone Tracey', Arnhem Land aboriginal art and locally found animals, we headed into the kids area where Scarlett got busy building blocks, checking out animal skeletons and colouring in.

Shane and Scarlett colouring in

Next door and the main attraction of the day, was the Mindil Beach sunset markets on Mindil Beach. There were people everywhere, and the amount of food stalls was staggering. We met up with Nikki and Scarlet, who arrived in Darwin the day before. It soon became apparent that the 'must have' of the day was table and chairs set up behind the markets overlooking the beautiful sunset. From here you pop in and check out the market stalls, while also trying out all the wonderful food.

Scarlett and Scarlet
We walked around for hours, and shared some steamed dim sims and tempura king prawns. Shane bought some Hong Kong cuisine for dinner, and took the kids to the park. Nikki and I battled the crowds and explored the various stalls without the kids in tow. There was so much baby stuff, I wish I knew what Adam and Courtney's baby (which is due next week) was going to be.

Nikki and I enjoying the sunset

4 hours later we decided that the kids were getting tired, and had enough. So we then headed home after I grabbed a great chicken laksa, and said good bye to Nikki and Scarlet. We had a wonderful time and I will be back for sure on Sunday, for a second session here...

Sunset at Mindil Beach

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