Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 217. 3 weeks in Tahmoor, to Orange

Friends, Family, and fun filled good times...

What a whirlwind the three weeks spent back home at Tahmoor visiting everybody was. We were lucky enough to spend an amazing amount of time with our brand new niece/cousin Isabella. She is so beautiful, and we are so lucky to have her in our lives. Courtney brought her down to visit just about every day we were home, and many a night I was able to go up and help out with the evening routine. Courtney even trusted me enough to get in some babysitting time; turns out Isabella is a huge fan of 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' - just like me. We even swapped kids one day with Courtney taking Scarlett up to her house to make her favourite chocolate cake, while leaving Isabella with me.

Rebecca, Scarlett and Isabella

We managed to catch up and have lunch with both mine and Shane's Nana's, who seemed to love hearing all about our adventures. My Gran is 87, and it turns out she is even following us on our blog - an amazing effort Gran! Catching up with family has certainly been a highlight. Living the last three years before this trip up in Brisbane, we haven't been able to see everyone as much as we would have liked.

Shane, and his brother Paul
We took a trip down to Nowra to visit Shane's parents who were both well at the time, but unfortunately now his step-father is in in hospital awaiting an operation to get a pace-maker put in. Our love and thoughts are with you Len - hang in there your a tough old bugger and everything will be fine. We also visited my mothers sister Karen who is unfortunately also unwell in Nowra. She is starting the fight of her life, and we are praying for her everyday; it was so good to see you. Last but definitely not least in our Nowra visit was Shane's brother and his tribe. Paul and Monique have four kids, who Scarlett had an absolute ball playing with, and congrats to them both as they now have another on the way! We can't wait to meet the new addition at Christmas time.

The Cheney Tribe!
Cousins Jordan, Benjamin, Lachlan, Kaylah; and Scarlett

My best mates were constantly around. Yvonne threw us a BBQ/bonfire on the first Sat night we were there and my other besties Jodie and Michelle came too. We had countless lunches, dinners, BBQ's, movie nights and even a high tea. I have been well and truly spoilt. Michelle was even nice enough to take Scarlett for an afternoon to her horse paddock where they fed, groomed and played with the horses. Scarlett had the best time ever. Yvonne and I also took the kids down to the local soft-play; where Scarlett and Nicholas ran themselves ragged. I'm counting down the days until Christmas and New Years when we'll be down at Currarong together, and not to mention Tamworth for the country music festival in January - they will be here before we know it. You guys are the worlds best friends ever, and we will be till we're old and senile; when we will then be new best friends all over again!

Besties! Yvonne, Michelle, Rebecca, and Jodie

Lastly my precious mum and dad, who are the light of my family's life. We rock up on your door step, never leave and have friends over constantly. You are always so welcoming, and full of love. Thanks mum for the numerous baked dinners, desserts, cakes, and just spoiling us rotten. Many hours were spent with Scarlett on your lap playing facebook games, baking cupcakes in the kitchen, doing craft on the veranda, reading books together, and also taking her to the movies. It's the quality time spent together she will remember forever. The trips to the mall, markets, parks, fetes, friends houses, and just about anywhere else we wanted to go were all appreciated.

Scarlett and 'nana' Wendy

Scarlett, Grumpy and Lucy
Thanks also to Dad for sneaking Scarlett away to the newsagency for secret purchases, McDonald's for brekkie and slushies, down to the local parks for play dates, and even the local cemetery to visit your plot (the dirty plastic flowers she brought me back were priceless). I don't think there was a night he didn't lay with Scarlett till she fell asleep (you usually falling asleep first anyway), watching cartoons on the lounge, and walking her around the yard exploring while she sits high up on your shoulders. Scarlett cried for you both for ages in the car when we left today. She is the luckiest little girl in the world to have you both.

Look at me dad! I'm driving!

Well today the journey continues, and it's with heavy hearts we leave, but happy in the knowledge we will be back before you know it.... So mum, keep my room free!

The end of another hard day - Grumpy and Scarlett

Yvonne arrived early this morning with an arm load of yummy delights for the trip, and stayed for one last cuppa. We were lucky enough to be also joined by Adam, Courtney and Isabella for one last cuddle. After a very teary goodbye we left Sydney mid morning and headed west over the Blue Mountains. The day started out with bright blue skies, but the further west we headed the darker the clouds became until the heavens finally opened up and the rain came down - and it hasn't stopped yet!

Time to say goodbye - again!
Shane, Rebecca, Isabella, Courtney, Wendy (Nana), Scarlett, Adam, and Russell (Grumpy)

We ended up stopping in Orange; where we found out that the caravan park we had planned to stay at was already full! After some quick negotiations, I talked the on-site manager into letting us set up camp on a grassed area beside the amenities block. It actually worked out quite well as we now don't have to unhook the pajero from the van, and we still have power and water.

The other thing, other than the rain, is how bloody cold it is here in Orange! Poor Shane after shaving his head yesterday even had a 'brain freeze' headache while setting up the van in the cold! Tonight I am very thankful that we have power, as the heater is getting a work out like never before!

I can't wait until we get back up to the tropics!

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