Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 235. Adels Grove to Gregory Downs

OMG... I forgot the vegies!

We woke to smoke filled air again, so we decided it was time to pack it all in today and head back to the van at Gregory Downs. We had eggs and mushrooms for breakfast and went to see reception and get the latest update on the fire front. The news wasn’t good, the fire was still out of control and the park wouldn’t be open for at least 4 more days, a longer time than we had to wait.

Self portrait as we canoed down the river

Agile Wallaby on the banks of the river
Scarlett was chomping at the bit to use the park’s canoes and took it upon herself to go down to reception and ask how much they were to hire. Upon her return she asked me if she had $10 in her wallet, enough money to hire one. Well she didn’t but now with the canoeing in Lawn Hill a total no go we decided to get one here for her.

We canoed down the river for half an hour spotting heaps of ‘Agile Wallabies’ laying on the river bank in the shade of Pandanus palms and River gums. We also spotted some willy wagtails, whistling kites, and forest kingfishers. The waters were so tranquil and we had a really great time canoeing along in the total silence, being the only ones out there. When we got back there were a heap of kids already out in the water, jumping from the pontoon. So after mooring our canoe Scarlett was straight in amongst them.

We stayed and let her have one last swim with the kids for a while, then we decided it was time to make tracks. The road back to Gregory’s was heavy with water trucks supplied by the local mine all trucking water out to the fire, along with the mines usual road train traffic of supplies and fill. The bull dust they throw up is phenomenal and you can’t do anything except pull over and wait for it all to subside.

When we got back to Gregory Downs we moved the van down to the river, the place was packed and there was no chance of getting a spot by the water, so we parked further up the bank but still a great spot. Shane had the generator set up and the air conditioner on within minutes and we were all sitting inside enjoying a lovely cold drink when we realised we had left some of my expensive airlock containers and food back at Adel’s Grove in the camp kitchen fridge.

We called the park and asked that the container be passed onto another traveller we know who was coming via here tomorrow; they said they would see what they could do as the other traveller was in the camping area that has no defined sites and there would be no way to find them unless they called up to the shop that day. We could only hope as Shane understandably wasn’t keen to drive back out for me.

Relaxing in the cool waters of Gregory River
It was really hot so I decided to take Scarlett down to the river for a swim. The river is filled with smooth river pebbles, and the water is crystal clear. With the banks lined with palms and lush tropical foliage it was an amazing site for a free camp. The water was so cool and inviting! We had a great time just laying on the water’s edge; it was a great relief from the heat. We even managed to get Shane in the river after our BBQ dinner. It beat a shower any day, and we only retreated due to the fact that the sun was going down. We could have stayed there for hours watching the Crimson finches scurry around in the reeds and having one last drink before bed.

It was a hot night and took quite some time to fall asleep, and even then it was a restless night. Hopefully my container turns up tomorrow, but if it doesn’t I can think or worse places to spend another night.

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