Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 231. Winton to Cloncurry

What happened to the Walkabout Creek Hotel??

We left Winton this morning setting our sights on Cloncurry, about 350km's to the north. We are starting to think we are a little crazy to be heading north still, with most travellers all now heading south. It's really starting to heat up, and we wonder how far we will get before it gets too much and we pack it in and move back down south again.

The roads up here are shocking! They are the worst we have travelled on so far, and with the huge 3 trailer road trains packed with cattle passing every 20min or so, they can be a little daunting. Other than stopping for a pee break, we really didn't see or do anything till about 1pm when we decided to stop for lunch at the 'Walkabout Creek Hotel'. We were all really looking forward to seeing this old pub, made famous from the 'Crocidile Dundee' film starring Paul Hogan.

Well lets just say it was a bit of a let down. They have done the pub up to their credit, but unfortunately this and the fact it was moved closer to the road for tourism seems to have made it loose any of it's old pub charm. It literally had a plain facade on the outside, with inside having no furniture what so ever other than a pool table and a few stools along the bar. There was some pictures and stills adorning the walls of the characters from the film, but that was it.

Unfortunately they didn't even have any food, so we had to go next door to the roadhouse for lunch. I will say the stop turned out all good though, with the surprisingly good hamburger we got there. The walls of the roadhouse were however very interesting, with every wall being covered with photos of trucks that passed through, and also truck crashes in the area. We spent ages scrolling the walls, even seeing a photo of a road train with 7 trailers, and a photo of a poor fresh water crocodile that had crawled up on the road and been hit by a road train. Now that makes for interesting road kill.

The next hour on the road that saw us into Cloncurry was much the same as the last, with Scarlett and I giving Shane a rest by both having a small sleep. The park here at Cloncurry has a pool, and finally we have weather hot enough here to use it. So after we loaded 4 loads of washing into the machine, I took Scarlett down for a swim. Now I can tell you how hot it is here, 'cause even I went for a swim.

We have planned to spend this evening in front of the TV, and under the air-con - recovering from today's big drive. Scarlett is already in bed watching a DVD, and munching on popcorn. Tomorrow I need to do a big restock ready for our trip into Lawn Hill, as this will be the last chance to for quite some time. Then onto 'Gregory Down's' yay! One more stop before we enter into Lawn Hill.

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