Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 225. Ilfracombe

The Great Machinery Mile

Today was a day of recovery from yesterdays very long drive. We all stayed in our pajamas 'till smoko, after which we got dressed - but we still all lay in bed together watching TV. It wasn't till after lunch we actually got outside and went for a walk.

An old converted Stuart Tank
Ilfracombe is such a lovely little town, they have put so much effort into preserving their heritage it's amazing. 'The Great Machinery Mile’, is an amazing line-up of historic machinery stretching for more than 1km along the main street. It's one of the most comprehensive historical machinery displays to be found anywhere in Australia.

The display includes earth moving machinery, standing steam engines, steel-wheeled tractors and trucks. There’s an old wool wagon, 'Winsome Winnie' from Warbreccan, which used to be piled high with bales of wool then pulled by horses all the way to Bowen. Next to the machinery parade is a replica of an early station residence. This building is chock-a-block with memorabilia ranging from early photographs to old bone china and other domestic items.

Scarlett showing 'dad' how to drive an early model grader

There is also a hall here that is a memorial to the young men of the region who answered the call to arms. It's dedicated to the Australian Light Horse and houses thought-provoking memorabilia and information on the Light Horsemen and their battles. 

One place that Shane found fascinating was 'Hilton’s Corner', where there are literally thousands and thousands of some of the most imaginative collections you will find anywhere. Everything from bottles, buttons, scissors, and stones; to drill bits, door latches, rabbit traps and rarities. This place was packed to the rafters. They even spill out into the yard and line up along the fence.

One collection that even Uncle Terry would be impressed with!

My favourite collection, that even puts my fathers obsession to shame, was called 'The Jackson Collection'. Made up of more than 30,000 old bottles and more than 120 weapons, flags, knives, uniforms, and helmets. It must have taken years to collect.

The Great Machinery Mile

After checking out the machinery mile we called into the artesian spa located in the Memorial Park. It's a comfortable 37 deg, and the minerals in the water are supposed to have wonderful rejuvenating powers. I couldn't say for sure, but my back was certainly feeling good this evening, more so than usual anyway. Unfortunately poor Scarlett who spends the most of her time swimming underwater cracked her nose on the edge of the underwater step, so after many tears and quite a noticeable graze, we made a hasty retreat back to the park.

Shane and Scarlett enjoyingthe local Artesion Spa

It was a quick shower, and then we then got ready to join the other guests in the park for 'Happy Hour'. This caravan park is renowned for it's Happy Hour, and after a personal invitation by the owners we just had to go see what all the fuss was about. After a serve of hot wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce, came cashew nuts, and corn relish dip. The owners really know how to make you feel at home, and apparently they do this every night of the week.

What chance have the locals kids got?
After talking to our fellow travellers for an hour, 'Cathy' (the owner) asked for everyone's attention and started with some bush poetry. There was not a dry eye in the house from laughter, as the poetry was funny, but the way it was delivered by Cathy was hilarious. She told jokes and old bush yarns 'till our cheeks hurt from laughing; even the kids were in hysterics. It was the funniest routine I have ever seen, and if you ask me she should be touring.

After a night of great entertainment, Shane cooked a yummy BBQ for dinner. It was nice to get the BBQ back out for the first time since Alice Springs,as it's Scarlett's favourite meal. No doubt she will be very happy, as I plan on having more BBQ's for dinner over the next two nights.

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