Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tahmoor to Currarong

Don't settle down just yet

Apparently the tooth fairy leaves
$2 and LEGO for a tooth these days
It was so surreal being back it felt like we were just in for a visit, and turns out that was basically what has happened. We spent the next couple of days catching up with all our friends, and re-supplying the van for a week down the coast at Currarong. Mum and dad share an on site van down there with my aunt, and every year at Christmas we hold a huge party down there for the kids over the second weekend in Dec.

We arrived in Currarong on the Friday (two days after arriving back in Sydney), and set up our van. Would you believe when I got back into my bed after only 2 days out of it, I felt like being back in the van was being back home....who'd have figured? Turns out it doesn't matter where we park her, when we climb into bed at night we feel like we are home.

Scarlett and Isabella

The Currarong Christmas party was huge, the kids had a fantastic time. My brother stepped up to the plate and donned the red suit to hand out all the presents for the first time, as he finally had his own little daughter to spoil this year! It was such a good day; we had great weather and everyone ended up down at the beach for a swim - even little Isabella dipped her little toes into the water.

Scarlett and Deklan surfing the waves

Isabella and Courtney down at the beach

Shane and dad went back home on Sunday as Shane was doing his 'hot laps' with Rick Kelly and Jack Daniel Racing on Monday down at Wakefield Park near Goulburn, and dad was going to go with him. Merry Christmas babe, as it's my Christmas present to you! I hope you have an awesome time. Meanwhile mum, Scarlett and I are going to stay for a week to relax and have a holiday from the holiday.

Tori, Nic, Scarlett and Gabby all having a great time on the jumping pillow

Scarlett and cousin Kaylah
We had such lovely weather for the first few days, then we had some rain and cold temps. It was a real pity as my friend Yvonne and her three kids came down to stay for a couple of days and the weather was not beach friendly at all. Scarlett was also lucky enough to get a visit from her cousin Kaylah who decided a night in the van with us was just what they needed to catch up again.

Shane came back down to stay on our final night and pack us up and take us all home the following day back to mums. We love coming down the coast, as we've had a family van here for over 20 years now. Not to mention that Shane's family are all located down here at Nowra, so we frequent the area quite a bit anyway.

PS: Shane had the ride of his life with Rick Kelly and Jack Daniels Racing! Shane apparently rode in the #15 car that Rick Kelly raced around Homebush in Sydney the previous week - and they reached speeds in excess of 260km an hour down the main straight at Wakefield Park.

Now that has got to be worth some major browny points....

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