Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 304. Newcastle to Tahmoor

Home sweet home....

Scarlett running up the driveway to Nana
We were all up at a reasonable time, only to find poor Jo Jo's place was experiencing a black out. So Shane went out to the caravan and boiled up some water for cuppa's on our trusty gas burner, and we all sat around and ate breakfast together. Jo had to finally leave us for work at around 9am (thanks to the great excuse of no power - therefore no alarm clock), so we were able to spend a little more time together than we expected.

We packed up our things, and Scarlett did two reading lessons on her online "reading eggs"; while Shane packed the van. Then it was on the road again for the last time, before being back home to mum and dad's where this great adventure really began. It was a quite solemn drive; I think we were all trying to come to terms with the fact that the trip was really over. When we set out back in January we thought this trip would go on forever, and it has ended up going so fast that I can't believe we are already back!

Scarlett had lots of pressies for Nana
Just before lunch we pulled up out the front of mum and dads, and we could see everyone standing in the driveway ready to meet us. Adam, Courtney and Isabella had also come down to welcome us home too; a wonderful surprise! Scarlett absolutely bolted up the drive and straight into Nana's arms. She was so happy to see her Nana and Grumpy that all my sadness of our trip finishing soon turned to joy at being back home again with our family.

My little chubby chops 'Isabella'


Scarlett, Courtney, Isabella and Adam

We all kissed and hugged each othe, before moving to the back veranda to catch up over a cup of tea. 
Scarlett and Uncle Adam

Rhett was very happy to see her
Scarlett had made Nana a heap of presents, and the first was a lovely photo album containing photos of them both. Nana loved it, as Scarlett had stuck stickers and decorated the pages like a scrapbook.

The second present was a "Pass the Parcel" she had made for both her and Nana to do together. So Courtney on music duty had Nana, Rhett and Scarlett play a game of "Pass the Parcel" with her special package. It was really well done, as she had filled each of the pages with leftover lollies from Halloween.

Even Rhett got a turn at "Pass the Parcel"

Adam had to eventually leave for work, so Courtney left Isabella with us while she took him home. Shane had the snakes out for a stretch in the backyard, and little Isabella thought they looked interesting. So we took the opportunity and took a photo of her with 'Willow' while her parents were away (not here to crack a mental at us). I assure you, 'Willow' has never bitten anyone in her life, and we were right there just outside the edge of the photo. She was just on her long enough for Shane to got "snap" and we then took her off. (That's for all you panickkers out there).

Scarlett and her 'Grumpy'

It wasn't long till 'Grumpy' drove up the driveway. The poor bugger had to go to work today and we just missed him by 10min upon arriving. I don't know who was more excited; Scarlett or Grumpy, as they both haven't left each others side since he arrived home.

It's really good to be home again.....

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