Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 295 to 298. Brisbane / Ipswich

What a hectic week ....

OMG! From Monday morning when Shane got up, and climbed back into his greens up to today (being Friday), the end of his first week back at work it has been so hectic! Staying at Sarah and Stuart's was great, and Sarah took Shane to work with her on Monday - so I had a car. Scarlett and I took Hailey into school where Scarlett was given the grand tour, and was even introduced to her teachers. Scarlett was very impressed and told me she can't wait until next year when she's starts school.

Scarlett and I then popped into Ipswich to fill up a gas bottle for the van, do an ALDI shop, and pick up some pressies for Christmas and Birthdays this week. We no sooner got back at 2pm and did an hour of school work, then we were off again picking up Hailey from school. Shane got back soon after, and we (Shane and I) cooked a BBQ at the van for everyone for dinner.

Scarlett and Tina
Scarlett and I went to work with Shane on Tuesday so we could catch up with everyone. I took Scarlett into her old 'Daycare' to visit her teacher Tina, (who she has missed terribly) and I had to go into my work and do outwards clearances. It was great to see everyone from work, as so many have been following our blog and it was great to share stories with those who haven't. I was even invited to 'Hog's Breath Cafe' for a farewell lunch with everyone. So Shane took Scarlett off my hands, and they spent the afternoon swimming in the base pool.

That evening we met some of Shane's old school mates for dinner; Steve and Carla. We caught up at our 'old local', the Spring Lake Hotel for dinner and they brought their beautiful little boy Jack. Scarlett spent the whole evening in the kids play area having her face painted and playing with all the children.

Sarah had Wednesday off so we took Hailey to school and went about doing some jobs. We had a lovely day at home together, with cuppa after cuppa and having a really good catch up. It was over all too soon and the kids were all back and so was Shane, so I cooked dinner and we tried to have an early night.

On Thursday Sarah and I dropped the kids off at Stuart's parents house, and we went to visit an old friend from work. Diane was so happy to see us and we had a great catch up with some melting moments out on her beautiful veranda. It was then off to Luke's swimming lessons, woollies, and back to pick up Hailey. That evening Sarah and I went to a homemade craft shop opening at Aratula, where I picked up some lovely gifts and we enjoyed champagne and canapes. We soon had to head back home to the gang, so we picked up fish and chips and had our last meal together.

Last night Scarlett gave Hailey a small Christmas present she had for her, and Hailey couldn't wait as she had given Scarlett hers on the day she arrived. The girls have had a great time together this week, and it has really rekindled their friendships again. We have loved spending time with Sarah and Stuart too; they are two of the nicest people and we are so grateful to have them as friends. We will miss you guys when we move to Sydney for the next three years, but we will be back again some day.....

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  1. OMG I just thought I would check out your Caravan of Courage and look what I found....thanks for those lovely words of friendship, you 3 are amazing-we miss you xxxx

    Looking forward to seeing Scarlett in her school uniform. must be soon?