Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 199. Broken Hill to Darlington Point

The long road home...

After a wild night in Broken Hill; due to strong winds and pelting rain, we slept-in until just after 7am. It might not sound like much of a real sleep-in, but after so many long days spent on the road, a small sleep-in was all that we needed to help recharge our batteries - ready to tackle another big day on the road.

Scarlett enjoying a break from driving
 When we woke, the skies were mostly clear with a scattering of clouds, but the temp was only about 6 deg. This called for a brisk pack-up, and we ended up on the road just after 8am. We headed south towards Mildura, where we ended up stopping for lunch, as Bec picked up $1 chicken schnitzels from a local butcher. Yummy - chicken schnitzel burgers! We found a local park with a playground, and let Scarlett burn off some of the excess energy that she had built up during her long hours in the car; while Bec cooked lunch in the caravan!

We've come to realise that the one thing we haven't missed about NSW is its roads! If its not the skinny country roads with no shoulders, its the numerous potholes that threaten to destroy your tyres and suspension! That tied in with rain and B-Double trucks has got to spell disaster! (Touch Wood - as we have been very lucky. Toady we saw a 4wd and van bogged in mud on the side of the hwy today, but there was no where too stop to see if they needed a hand).

During the day, the clouds continued to build until it finally started to rain. That was east of Mildura, and it has rained on and off ever since. Driving along the road at sunset, you couldn't miss the thunder clouds building out on the horizon. Unfortunately, we are heading straight for them, so hopefully we don't get hit by a big storm tonight. (fingers crossed).

Here's another photo of Scarlett playing in a park just outside Mildura - just in case you missed the only other photo in today's blog!

The road trip today was very uneventful. Other than seeing numerous emus that were in every paddock along the road - not to mention the ones that were on the road and we had to brake for so we didn't hit them, there is not really anything to talk about. Bec and I took turns driving (and Bec also had to brake for a kangaroo or two in the rain that kept her on her toes), and Scarlett enjoyed watching more movies in the back - when not playing video games!

We arrived at Darlington Point Caravan Park just after sunset, and did the quickest set-up in recorded history. It was wet and cold, and I must admit that I'm already missing the warm sunny weather of the tropical north - now that I have returned to the south of Australia. (And to think I'll be stuck in NSW for the next three years as its been confirmed that we are heading to RAAF Base Richmond in 2012).

I know I've pretty much said the same thing in every blog for the last few days, but Scarlett is a little champion! Today we spent almost 10 hours travelling in the car, and Scarlett behaved herself very, very, well. Of course she got restless and wanted to get out, but in general, she has been great. Thanks Scarlett! xxx

PS: I just want to apologise for the lack of photo's in today's blog. A big day on the road tends to leave very little time for photo's - especially interesting photos. Sorry!


  1. oh wow I just read you are posted back to NSW- I really thought you would be back here boo hoo... Sarah R

  2. Never fear Sarah, we will be up to see you all in Nov still. Just taking a holiday from the holiday.