Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 193. Kings Canyon

There and back again….

Looking into Kings Canyon

YES! This morning I didn’t have to get up early, and I could get to sleep in for a change. Unfortunately after the last three days of early starts, I still woke at around 6am, but at least I could stay in bed. It was so cold that I was more than happy to stay put.

Looking back out of Kings Canyon

As it was, it was probably the coldest night that we have experienced yet. My feet felt like icicles, and it made for an unpleasant last few hours before getting up. Tomorrow night I’ll ensure I wear socks to bed, and I’ll leave the heater going until we finally hit the hay.

The walk along the rim of the canyon

Check out the monkey in the background!
Today we’ve planned to go bushwalking with the Nixon’s – our friends from Victoria. Our destination this morning is the Kings Canyon Rim Walk - a 6.5km walk around the top of the canyon. We met up at 9am and dropped off Barry (the Nixon’s pop) at the parks reception; as he was booked in to do a helicopter ride around the canyon later in the morning. We then drove the 10kms to Kings Canyon and started our adventure.

Walking through the 'Lost City'

Grace and Scarlett
The bad part of the story is the climb to the top of the gorge was at the start of the walk. At least there were a number of rest areas on the way up, as Bec was really starting to feel a little sore after her recent adventure to the top of Ayers Rock two days ago. It was a couple of hundred meters straight up, on very steep rock stairs.

Karren and Bec

Crossing a bridge onto an outcrop within the canyon
The view from the top was amazing! We could see for miles across the plains far below, but the view of the top of the canyon wasn’t what I had expected. It was very rocky, and it reminded us of the Bungle Bungles – back in the Kimberley in Western Australia. The rocks looked like mini bee-hives, or a lost city (another place we visited in Litchfield Park), and around every corner there was a new site to see. It really is an amazing part of Australia.

Rebecca on the edge of the world!

The views into the canyon were breathtaking. The sheer walls of the cliffs were spellbinding, and the contrasting colours of the rocks and vegetation made for a great backdrop. Even the kids enjoyed the exploring and different views around every corner.

The shear cliffs of Kings Canyon

The Garden of Eden
Half way around the rim of Kings Canyon, we encountered the ‘Garden of Eden’ a small gorge located down within the base of the canyon. There were palms and ferns, as well as pools of water that looked very inviting. If it wasn’t for the cool temperature of the day, I’m sure we would have been tempted to dip our toes in. However everyone was starting to feel a little sore from all the climbing up and down, so we continued on our way along the rim.

Looking down into the Garden of Eden - with the domes in the background

During our walk, the kids played games and talked about things only kids understand; but it kept them busy and made walking the total distance that much easier. Karen, Glen, Bec and I, kept a sharp eye on the kids as much of the walk was along the edge of cliff tops. I think even us adults enjoyed the company of another family as well, as we talked about our own experiences during our travels around Oz.

All up it took us just shy of three hours to complete the walk, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Bec may dispute this call, as she was suffering from tired muscles and it probably caused a little bit of distraction from the beauty of the place.

The walk back out of Kings Canyon

We returned then to Kings Canyon Resort to enjoy a lunch of Mango Tandori Chicken Pizza that was leftovers from last night’s dinner. It was a great way to finish a great morning; sitting in the shade outside the van and relaxing – so much so that Bec fell asleep in her chair outside. She must have been buggered!

This evening we caught up with the Nixon’s again, and ended up enjoying a scrumptious BBQ dinner while overlooking the mountain ranges that are part of the canyon lands. During dinner, a wild dingo walked past our table and disappeared into the bush. The number of wild dogs and dingos in this area is truly unbelievable. You’re pretty much guaranteed to see at least one or two a day.

Enjoying a BBQ with our friends - The Nixon's!

After dinner, Bec put on a movie in our van and the kids all grabbed some pop corn and settled in under a blanket to watch ‘Indiana Jones’. Meanwhile us ‘oldies’ all grabbed a hot cuppa and sat around outside the van to talk. It was nice to sit back outside while relaxing with friends, knowing the kids were up to no trouble inside. (Would you believe that another dingo walked past the back of our van while we were sitting around talking? – This place would have to be the dingo hotspot of Australia).

Tomorrow we say goodbye to the Nixon’s, as they are heading back up to Alice Springs, and then into QLD. Hopefully we’ll see again in our journey as we travel around Australia???

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