Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 198. Wilmington to Broken Hill

Hello again NSW my friend

The excitement of getting closer to family and friends back home has woken us early. We eat breakfast and hit the road quicker than ever. We were driving out of the caravan park at 7:30am this morning, and it's a pity we are in such a hurry as Wilimington is a lovely little country town, begging for a lazy stroll down it's quaint little streets, exploring all it's nooks and cranny's.

We passed a million wild goats and emu's today, they were everywhere along the sides of the road. We even passed another wild camel running along side our van. There is road kill everywhere and it's a good sign we are moving into more fertile areas. The grass is looking greener, we are still experiencing intermittent drizzles of rain, and there are more trees and hills.

Wild horses roaming free through the streets of Silverton

We barely stooped at all today, a quick lunch on the side of the road, fuel up, and toilet stop was it. Just after lunch we arrived in Silverton, Shane's much anticipated destination for quite some time being home of the 'Mad Max' museum. Silverton is 30km's out of Broken Hill, and was established in 1880. It was the area's largest township as it offered a central, flat position and a water supply. In its heyday Silverton boasted every convenience, including a newspaper, Masonic Lodge, gaol, gymnasium, hospital, jockey club, football team and Methodist Church. 

Mad Max Museum

Shane with replica Interceptor
Ironically, the region's rich mineral deposits that Silverton was built upon were also the cause of its eventual decline, as larger mines sprung up in nearby Broken Hill. The Municipal Council was taken off the NSW state register in 1899, leaving the State Government in control of the town, and many of its buildings were transported into Broken Hill by teams of donkeys, camels or bullocks.

Although less than 60 people live in Silverton today, the town has enjoyed a new life. The unique land and light has led to Silverton being immortalised on both television and the movie screen. Some of the more famous movies filmed in Silverton are; Dirty Deeds - 2001, Mission Impossible II - 1999, Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - 1993, Razorback - 1983, Hostage - 1982, A Town Like Alice (mini-series) 1981, and of course Max Max II - 1981.

Origional Dune Buggy's from Mad Max II
The town is a collection of galleries, small shops, museums and hotel. The streets are dusty and empty with the odd donkey, and wild horses walking around freely. We had a great time at the Mad Max museum, where Shane was stoked with all the original buggies and other props from the Mad Max II movie filmed here back in 1981.

We moved onto the Silverton Hotel just down the road next to check out their 'Interceptor' replica outside the pub. Inside was more movie memorabilia and the usual interesting eclectic collection of country paraphernalia. Scarlett pulled up a bar stool in front of the fire, where there were a heap of puzzles that kept her interested for ages. It gave Shane and I a chance to read the walls, and have a nice quite drink.

Me with the replica Interceptor outside the Silverton Hotel

This is what happens when you cross an Interceptor with a VW Beetle

Scarlett at the Silverton Hotel

The only thing I wanted to see in this area was back in Broken Hill, the 'Pro Hart' gallery. So Shane and Scarlett dropped me off for some quiet time; reflecting over one of Australia's most iconic artists. I love his art, is it so Australian. I remember the ads on T.V. when I was a kid of Pro Hart rubbing food into the carpet to recreate his most famous image of the dragonfly. There is even a recreation of the dragonfly on a carpet canvas here, it is by far my most favourite piece.

Pro Hart's famous dragonfly painted in a canvas of carpet

Pro Hart's beloved hand painted Rolls
Due to Scarlett being such a little champion on the long days of driving, we promised her MacDonald's for dinner. So we grabbed her take away, then found a van park for the night. We aren't unhitching the van tonight so we can make another quick get away tomorrow morning. We don't have a destination in mind yet, so we'll just see how far we get.

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