Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 186. Alice Springs

Look-Out Alice!

Shane placed the flannelet sheets on the bed yesterday, and I was so thankful last night. The last couple of nights I have woken up freezing around 3am, and needed to put on the heater. I am starting to realise we are loosing our endless summer. Even poor Scarlett rushed to the pool this afternoon for her usual swim; only to dip in a toe and retreat very unhappily.

The gap in the Macdonnell Ranges to the other side of town

We hung around the van this morning. Shane washed the cotton sheets, ready to place them back under the bed and I have started a slide show of highlight photos for when we get home so we have something to show everybody. We have taken 11,132 photos so far and this is way too many for a slide show evening, so I am taking a couple from each location and doing a smaller collection to show our family and friends.

Later in the morning Shane talked me into going into town for a look around. He had to see someone about the second car battery that is playing up, and I need some new mats for the van. Scarlett was also keen to spend her pocket money on another 'Littlest Pet Shop Pet', as she has started collecting them and they are her new favourite passion.

Town was uneventful; we did however get take away for lunch. It is such a rare occurrence these days we nearly died when we realised how much some Red Rooster and a Macca's happy meal ended up costing. We took lunch up to ANZAC Hill to eat, while looking out over the spectacular view of Alice Springs. We could see from up there that the 'Ghan' was in; we were lucky enough to see it back in Katherine also. Scarlett loves the ad's on TV for the Ghan, and is always telling me how she wants to go on it.

After a drive back to the park via the empty 'Todd River' we all settled in relaxing and doing our own things. Scarlett was soon keen to visit the pool, so I indulged her by taking my book and walking her there. She dipped in one toe and it was freezing, so we then walked back again.

View of Alice Springs from ANZAC Hill

Todd River
Baby Isabella

We had a very lovely treat this evening with a Skype to mum and dad's house where Adam, Courtney and our newest little family member 'Isabella' were visiting. Adam held her up to the camera for a look, and she was beautiful; even Scarett was 'cooing' over her. We are so lucky to have both Courtney and Isabella now a part of our family, and can't wait to get back to kiss her little cheeks off.

Later this evening we had a drink with Karren, Greg, Grace and Kale; who we have been running into ever since way back in Port Lincoln. It's so good to have been able to maintain such a good friendship while travelling, as I am missing my friends from back home terribly. After Ayres Rock they head back up to Three Ways and then across into QLD, so we wont see them again till later in the year when we are up that way ourselves. We always seem to run into each other; even though we have never planned it. It really is a small country.

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