Where are we now?

Where are we now?
Where are we now? Tahmoor, NSW. Updated 7th December 2011

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Allousive Baby Turtles Hatching

The Ningaloo reef is one of Australia's biggest turtle hatchery's!

We were lucky enough when nana was here to see a mother turtle returning to the sea after laying a clutch of eggs, and now after many scouting expeditions the cycle is complete with seeing babies turtles now hatching.

Poor nana spent many afternoons, nights and early mornings (before sunrise) scouring the beaches looking for a hatching, and it was literally a week after she left we were lucky enough to see one.

We were walking along the beach one night, and one of the RAAF guys with us just happen to be up on the high tide mark when he saw three tiny little heads poking out of the sand. By the time we had all rushed up to him the sand erupted with what felt like hundreds of little baby turtles piling out all over each other, and making the mad dash down to the sea.

We had to be careful with our torch's as they can confuse the turtles path to the ocean, so Shane who had the biggest light shone it down the beach to the water and that was the way they ran.

We were so lucky the whole experience was over in less than 10 minutes, and if we had of been just a few steps ahead we would never of heard anything and missed the whole thing.

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